How do casino deposits and their bonuses work?

Each year, millions of players join the online gambling world hoping to make quick bucks. Many of these new gamblers have little idea about how online betting works. Most of these enthusiastic players also don't know about the various 1casino-bonuses . Not surprisingly, there is a lot of disappointment around when things don't work out the way they should. This article will talk about casinos and their bonuses.

Welcome or Signup Bonus

Most online casinos extend a Welcome or Signup bonus to new players. You can find these bonuses right on the homepage of the casino's website. The Welcome Bonus will be the first thing that will strike you. To get this bonus, you need to sign up after completing a few steps like giving your name, email ID, user name, password , etc.

  • Do some basic online research to find casinos offering Welcome Bonuses
  • Never open your account on websites that promise money

Once you have validated your email, it is time to link your account with your payment gateway. Most casino work with Skrill, Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, etc. In the next stage, make your first deposit. The minimum deposit amount is indicated on the casino's website. After this payment, you will receive a Bonus Code from your casino. Enter this code in your casino page and receive your Welcome Bonus.


Kinds of Welcome Bonuses

Casino give Matching or Percentage Deposit welcome bonuses. In a Matching Bonus scheme, your gambling site would match its bonus amount to your deposit. If you make $100 on your first deposit, the casino would match this amount with $100. If your second deposit is $50, the casino's matching bonus would be the same amount. This continues until your reach the Matching Bonus limit set by the casino.

In the Percentage Bonus set up, the casino would give the bonus on a percentage basis. This could be 50%, 100% or even 200%. If you deposit 100$, your casino would give you a bonus of 50$. On your second deposit, the bonus amount would still be 50% and so on until you reach the bonus limit. Some casinos include free spins in the Welcome Bonus package.

Other online casino bonuses

If you like your gambling website and are satisfied by its services, you might like to renew your casino account from time to time. Players who top up their casino balances might receive Reload Bonuses. These are rewards for staying loyal to the casino. High Rollers often get special bonuses from their casinos for laying high bets. Check whether your casino has these features.

  • Your bonus winnings might be subjected to tax laws
  • You can withdraw yur winning only when you comply with a few rules set by the casino

Players who open their accounts from a specific payment gateway or gateways can be entitled to Preferred Deposit Bonuses. These bonuses are given in percentages on your deposits. Suppose you deposit $100 via Skrill. In that case, your casino might award you a 10% bonus i.e. $1 simply because you used Skrill which is a preferred payment channel of that casino.

Wagering Requirements and Bonuses

Every Welcome Bonus is subject to a betting requirement. This means you need to use that bonus to gamble on a few particular games. The gambling requirements are set by the casino and those are listed in the Bonus Terms and Conditions. Let's say you have a bonus of $10. The wagering requirement might be 10x or 100x of your bonus amount.

This means that before you withdraw your earnings, you must wager 100$ or 1000$ on certain specified games. These games are also listed in the terms and conditions section. New players often prefer casinos that have low wagering requirements. This enables these players to explore gambling without spending too much money. It is also easier to withdraw your money in low wagering casinos.

  • Stake requirements vary according to the House Edges of the games
  • Video slots have a wide range of House Edge

Other wagering conditions

Generally, your wagering requirement is inversely proportional to the house edge of the game. For example, some slots that have a house edge of just 2% have a wagering requirement of 100%. On the other hand, some casinos require you to wager just 10x your stake on games such as Blackjack and Roulette. These games have a very high house edge.

All bonuses need to utilized within a particular period. Your bonus might expire if you don't use it within the set time period. Look at your casinos' Bonus T and Cs to get an idea about the window period. Bonuses are great tools to increase your earnings. Use them wisely to maximize your chances of winning your video slot, Baccarat, Craps, Roulette or any other game.